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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form I-134

Instructions and Help about Form I-134

We're going to talk about one of the most important topics in ak10 interview process this is the I 134 affidavit of support which demonstrates how you're going to financially support your incoming fiancee now I give you an idea of important it it I'll tell you that's one of the most frequent reasons for if you want me to do now so it's really important to pay attention I'll explain how to properly fill it out and attach the correct supporting documents let's begin so the 1934 is the era of the support form its required to show how to beneficiary is going to be financially supported when he or she comes to the u.s. typically this means the u.s. petitioner will prdetails on your job their income their assets and more proof enough financial strength the u.s. covered will then compare and make a decision whether or not that's enough to clear their visa now I want to be food it's a very important step in fact at the came when we're going to read a large number of denials is associated with not showing enough income or assets to avoid getting the 212 a for public charge in admissibility it's imperative to show the documents and prove to the satisfaction of the MC this means that if the counselor believes do the income or other reasons the beneficiary will become a public charge and possibly go on welfare or other assistance the visa will be denied now let me show you how to begin the process to start you can visit the USCIS website and simply download the latest form and instructions after that carefully read the instructions and fill out the forms I'll take you step-by-step on how to download and fill out the i-130 for now there's a bunch of requirements and documents you have to include attraction we'll talk about that next aside from the actual I won 34 form the US petitioner or a joint sponsor is going to go through each section and printed details with the corresponding proof the forms ask for several supporting documents most of these are not required but highly recommended to verify that you indeed have good financial standing let's go to them bank statements copies of your most recent bank balance and account tax returns or transcripts showing a few years worth of stable income along with the number of dependents w-2 form for 1099 to show sources of stable income annually pay stub attach perhaps a few months worth of pay stubs to show a source of primary and stable income an employment verification letter to show that the petitioner has a stable job income and is dependable if you need to include your assets as a way to gap the lower income there's a proper way to calculate the assets and their value it's not clear-cut and it's not simple some assets such as your whole savings bond your car jewelry one.


Is Form I 134 required for a visitor visa?
Is Form I 134 required for a visitor visa? What are the chances of getting a visa with a affidavit of support form i-134? What are the chances of getting a B-1 visa with an affidavit of the support form I-134? Is it better to present the form I-134 with an invitation letter from my sister who is a US citizen to apply for a US tourist visa? I will bear my own expenses during the whole visit. What is the next step after someone sponsor your visitor visa for USA and send you form I 134? Do I get a better chance in the interview with an affidavit of support form i-134? I am on F1-OPT visa, do I have to fill the form I-134 for my parents applying for B2 visitors visa? I’m filling for form I-134 and I have been asked for a certificate of naturalization number. I only have a US passport. What should I right down? Who needs to fill the I-134 form?
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