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How to prepare Form I-134

Obtain the Template
Open the Form I-134 template within the online editor to view and complete the form. You can check out the entire process without the need of downloading the document.
Fill it out
Supply all required info inside the fillable places and put your electronic signature inside the signature field if necessary.
Send it on the internet
Click on DONE to save the edits and send the papers by means of e mail, fax and USPS or Text messaging. Also you can deliver the file to the desired storage place.

About Form I-134

A person on a student or exchange visa. A foreign exchange worker. A temporary non-immigrant worker who is authorized to work in the United States pursuant to Executive Order 13583. Form I-140 for aliens to report changes of address in the United States. Form I-134 for aliens reporting changes in the United States, if any. This form, filed as a petition form in immigration court (Fiscal year ending September 30) or an affidavit in support of a petition or other paperwork, should serve as a record or statement to show the U. S. government that the alien has filed an individual I-130 for alien status in the United States, or has been present in the United States for a period which includes at least 183 days, and to authorize the applicant for an immigrant visa (I-130) to remain in the United States after having entered the United States without inspection. An applicant must file Form I-130 before obtaining a non-immigrant visa. (Form I-130) The form I-130 is filed, and any required evidence is presented, before a judge in immigration court. The judge is the chief immigration judge (also called adjudicative judge) and is appointed by and reports directly to the secretary (and in the case of the Eastern District of NY, to the USCIS Secretary). If the form I-130 is approved, the immigrant is admitted. If it is denied, or it is determined that the immigration judge does not have jurisdiction, a new hearing is convened in immigration court to resolve whether there is “grounds for the denial of the petition”. The determination by the board of immigration appeal is not binding on the court. If the form I-130 is denied, the immigrant is ordered to leave the United States (unless, for example: the applicant requests a stay of removal or the board finds that the order is a denial of due process, and that is overruled by the president, in this case; or the board is not ready to hear the case). If the form I-130 is refused, the person has an option to reapply for an immigrant visa (I-130). This is called an immigrant visa waiver (IV). Immigrant Visa Waiver An immigrant visa waiver is a type of visa, granted by USCIS, where the immigrant applicant is allowed to skip the required interview with an immigration judge and is already in the United States prior to taking the immigration action.

What Is I-134 Form?

Before inviting a friend from another country to visit you in the United States, make sure they can prall required documents for the United States conofficers to prove the ability to pay for the trip and be financially supported in the United States. It is necessary to show that all expenses will be covered, otherwise, the permit to cross the border of the country will be rejected. If your guest can’t personally care about the expenses, you may pra financial support. For this purpose, check the instructions to Form I-134.

All noncitizens who travel to the United States are inadmissible under the immigration law if they are going to “become a public charge”. So, if you are a foreign guest, do your best to avoid breaking the United Stats law. A visa will be unavailable if the agency determines your inability to cover such expenses as lodging, medical treatment, food, and transportation. If you see that you can’t afford it, ask your friend who is a citizen to complete Form I-134 instead of you and prit at the visa interview to avoid a fee.

Remember that along with our I-134 you are required to prthe evidence of the most recent federal income tax return, letter from your banks that confirm your accounts, letter from your employer, and receipts for any assets.

How to Fill I-134 Form

You can download and fill out this Affidavit Of Support electronically what will greatly save your time. Find the application on our site and check all tools that will be helpful while completing it. Do not print it. Once you do that and fill out our I-134 manually, there will be no turning back as making a mistake you will have to print more and more copies till you do everything right. On our site, you can edit your form, add as many fillable fields as you need, and complete your PDF sample in minutes.

Generally, an online Form I-134 consists of 7 parts. Below you can check the outline for each one:

  • Part 1: information about you (your full name, sponsor’s address, citizenship, other information);

  • Part 2: information about the beneficiary (address, spouse, children, etc.);

  • Part 3: other information about your sponsor (employment, income and asset, real estate, etc.);

  • Part 4: sponsor’s statement, contact information, and signature;

  • Part 5: interpreter’s information and signature;

  • Part 6: contact information, signature, and declaration of the individual who provides this application;

  • Part 7: additional information.

Online alternatives enable you to organize your document management and enhance the productiveness of your workflow. Observe the short guidebook to be able to finished Form I-134, steer clear of problems and furnish it in the timely way:

How to accomplish a Form I-134 internet:

  1. On the web site when using the kind, click on Commence Now and move to your editor.
  2. Use the clues to complete the pertinent fields.
  3. Include your own info and contact information.
  4. Make certain that you choose to enter suitable material and quantities in ideal fields.
  5. Carefully verify the information within the kind too as grammar and spelling.
  6. Refer that will help portion if you have any issues or tackle our Aid team.
  7. Put an electronic signature with your Form I-134 with the aid of Indicator Instrument.
  8. Once the shape is finished, push Done.
  9. Distribute the completely ready form via email or fax, print it out or help save on your unit.

PDF editor allows you to make improvements towards your Form I-134 from any online world connected unit, personalize it according to your preferences, signal it electronically and distribute in various strategies.

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Not asking for assistance declaring your taxes
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FAQ - Form I-134

The purpose of Form I-134 is to collect a number of types of data about the individual and his or her residence, such as: name, address and social security number; date of birth; employer, salary, type and amount of employer-paid income; and citizenship status and the nature of the non-profit organization, including size, number enrolled, and purpose of organization. The information is used to verify the individual, determine his or her residency address, and then send a letter and return to the individual to tell the individual that his or her information has been received by the Social Security Administration to update his or her records. Form I-134 and its fees must be updated every three years, except for immigrants to the United States or Canada (form I-551) and veterans (form I-721), who have up to three years (from the last time the individual filed an application to change his or her name) to update their names and address, respectively. What if my application fails to meet the eligibility requirements? If, for any reason, your name or address is not accurate on the first or renewal Form I-134 you submit for an individual's renewal of a social security number, you may submit an additional Form I-631 for correcting your social security number at a later time. You may send Form I-631 by mail to: Social Security Administration P.O. Box 6160 Mount Vernon, WA 98 Social Security is required to process certain applications no matter how many have been submitted. For a complete list, please refer to the Instructions section of Form I-134 and the Social Security Monthly Application. What if my name and/or address on my most recent application fails to match on the forms I submit for my renewal of a social security number? If your name and/or address on your most recent Forms I-631 or I-721, whichever is applicable, does not match the information on the appropriate forms, you may submit Form I-4289. You may also follow the instructions for Form 4289 in this publication. Social Security will accept your original Form I-4289 and a photocopy of an acceptable document such as a government-issued identification card or a valid lease document as proof of your identity.
If the employer (the employer filing Form I-134 or the other employer paying taxes on behalf of the employer) claims exemption for you (“exempt employee”), the Form I-135 and its instructions should not be used. If the employer claims exemption for the second employer (“excluded employer”), the Form I-135 and its instructions should be used. The IRS has not yet issued regulations which provide guidance on this topic. Until such a time, employers should treat an “excluded employer,” as having filed the Form I-135 by mistake and should not include you on the Form I-135, “Exempt Employee.” The tax due in a particular year is typically based on the number of days that you are exempt from work because of your religious beliefs, or that the employer has chosen to take advantage of the exclusion (or exclusion rule). In such situations, it is always good practice for the employer to provide an explanation of why the employee is being considered to have fulfilled their obligations under the regulations. If the employee has received a Letter of Tax Exemption, the employer should provide more information as to why the exemption should be considered and should include an explanation of how the exemption benefits the employee. What happens If I have failed to claim exemption when filing the appropriate Form I-135 and I still owe tax? If your name is not on the correct Form I-135 for an exempt employee, you must file the correct form with the IRS within 3 years of the year in which you pay the tax. If you fail to file such a form before 3 years have passed, the IRS will assume that the correct Form I-135 was not filed, and you may be liable for the tax that you have not been able to pay because the wrong Form I-135 is claimed by an excluded employer. The IRS will also take into account any exemption claim that the excluded employer made in an amount that exceeds the exemption amount that you would have claimed for yourself were you an exempt employee. The IRS will then provide you with a refund equivalent to the amount of the tax that you failed to pay. If I have not filed Form I-135 for my employee for 2 years, does that mean I have failed to pay them income tax? No. You do not have to file an amended return to determine that you have paid the employee the correct amount of income tax.
An original filing of Form I-135-F is required by the Form I-134 and you have 180 days to complete and file the required forms. Form I-130 can be filed between October 1 and March 31, each year. Can I still file Form I-134 if I have completed Form I-131? If an original and original copy of Form I-130 are signed and dated before March 31, the processing time is reduced to 10 calendar days. If a copy of Form I-131 is signed and dated after March 31, processing time is extended to 60 calendar days. How do I correct or complete a Form I-131? If the person signed the form is unable to sign because he, she, or, you have a disability, an attorney can create a special signing witness statement to authorize the signing of the completed form. An Attorney may also sign a Form I-131 for a person with a disability at his or her request. If an I-131 is signed by someone else other than an attorney or special signing witness, it is considered a forgery under the Criminal Code of Canada and cannot be used. If the Form I-131 is not signed by a signer known to the author of the Form I-131 or if no Form I-131 was actually used to fill out the application, then the Form I-131 will not be accepted. Form I-131 can be signed either by the attorney or by another person authorized by the person signing the form. How long does the original return stay on file? The original filing of the completed form lasts for 180 days unless it is denied by the application reviewer or a decision is appealed. The original Form I-130 will remain on record for as long as a copy of it is used by the employer. I have not filled out an I-131, can my file still be accepted? Yes, if your Form I-131 is not signed by a signer known to the author of the Form I-131 or you are not authorized to use Form I-131 as a signing witness, Form I-131 will not be accepted. I have completed the Form I-130 and filed it electronically.
You may create your own copy of I-134 using “Online Instructions for Forms I-134,” available for download in PDF format here and then submit it online through I-134's “Online Instructions.” You will not be permitted to create a duplicate of I-134. When can someone fill out an I-134? You may apply to add a foreign national as an applicant, or the family members of a foreign national as a spouse, dependent child or inadmissible relative in connection with an I-134. The applicant must meet all the applicable requirements, except the foreign employment-based requirements specified below. See, e.g., Form I-130S, Application for an Employment Authorization Document. Where is the employment certificate issued? The employment certificate is issued to the employer. The employer must fill out and sign the Form I-134, the application form provided. If the employer does not fill out and sign this form, it will have no legal effect. If the employer does fill out and sign the form, the employer must keep proof of receipt of Form I-134, its original as well as copies of the copies. What do I need to include when I fill out and submit the I-134? Please include a: Completed Copy of Form I-135, Employment Authorization Document, if available. If the Form I-135 is not available: Original and a copy of your original Form I-570, I-129F and Form I-132R. Please note that we do not require a copy of the I-129F. You will be asked to return your I-129F and I-132R, then we will send you a “Certification of Receipt of I-129F,” which will validate the employment authorization document. The certification will only contain the following information: your name, address and date of birth; the first initial (O) and last initial (L) of your Social Security number; a statement that the employment authorization is issued in connection with the worker's status as a covered alien; your Social Security Number; a statement that this employment authorization is valid, which means that there is no change to how the worker may, in fact, be employed; the employer's name; the worker's address; and the month and year of birth. The form also includes a space for the employer to describe its business.
The Form I-134 is complete when you send it directly to the USCIS. The deadline for filing is April 1st for all non-immigrant and refugee applicants. You MUST complete an electronic I-134/I-485 if the I-485 I-134 form is being processed for your application. If this is the first time you need to file an I-485 form, the Form I-94 Form needs to be completed for each individual visa category for which you are applying. The Form I-94 can be completed at any time up until you file the I-485. Filing an I-485 What will the USCIS contact me with as soon as they receive my application(s)? All USCIS contacts should be answered by the USCIS or USCIS Special Counsel. The USCIS will contact you via mail, phone and/or email as needed. Do I need to send a copy of my Form W-7 with my Form I-134 You do NOT need to send a copy of your Form W-7 with your Form I-134. Once the USCIS has received your Forms I-130, I-130A, I-140, I-140C, I-485, and I-485E, they can contact you as needed. However, a copy of your W-7 with the I-134 is requested when completing the I-130 and I-130A. This is necessary in the USCIS interview for each visa category. Can the USCIS contact me at any time? Yes, provided the USCIS does NOT have a need for your information, and you do not request another one. You can remain in contact with them via e-mail or at any telephone number. Does USCIS contact me in Spanish? If the I-130A or I-130B (for refugee applicants) or I-485 E-file application(for non-immigrant and non-refugee applicants) is in Spanish, they will contact you in Spanish as part of the administrative work-around process. Do I have to send a copy of my Form 1040 with my Form I-134? No, when you have already submitted a W-7 and a Form I-130, they will be used to determine if your application has enough information to be considered for one of the three I-130/I-485 categories.
You can download a completed and signed Form I-134 online from our Help desk or from the nearest immigration station. Your application can only be accepted for submission if it has been previously completed and signed by a Canadian citizenship/immigration officer or an officer of the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). To complete the online form on this page please follow the prompts. For more information, please visit our Help desk by visiting the following link or clicking on the links below: Visa Application Assistance Form Determination of Permanent Residence Form Electronic Application for Permanent Residence (Visa) Application If you have questions regarding a particular application you may also choose to review one of our other applications. Canada Visa Online Form: I-797 (Application for a Non-immutable Permanent Resident Visa) Visa Application Assistance Form (Determination of Permanent Residence): I-485 (Request for Refugee Protection) To review our general application form for applicants who are applying for the Canadian permanent resident visa or for non-immovable permanent resident visas for travel to Canada, visit the Canadian Immigration website. Visa application submissions to IRCC should be addressed to IRCC at Important Notes: Please complete this form with your real name and date of birth. Please note that the form requires you name, mailing address (if you are not already on file with IRCC), email address, and a signature.
You must submit one of the following documents to a government of Canada branch of a private school, as the primary source of proof for the school's tax-exempt status. If you are a spouse or common-law partner, other family members must submit an official copy of your marriage or common-law partnership certificate, a statement from your common-law partner confirming her or his relationship to you, or a financial affidavit, if applicable. To see the school's official letter of exemption if you are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident: go to or call the Taxpayer Services Branch at. To see the school's official letter of certification stating that your attendance is not a taxable benefit to the school: go to: and search for the word “certificate” and click on the link. Note: A school may have received more than one Certificate of Induction for the same person; go to: What documents do I need in order to file a claim in court for back taxes? You must submit one of the following documents if you are seeking to collect back taxes from your former private school, whether you were a full-time student, or you are claiming the school is liable for the back taxes. You must also submit the following documents in order to obtain an order of payment in court from the provincial court. If you wish to continue the claim in court, you need to submit the following documents one after the other: The original copies of the back taxes you have not received (a copy of the tax bill can be used to confirm ownership of the tax bill). Note that you may need additional copies if any portion of the back taxes is not in your name. For example, if your tax bill shows that a portion of the back taxes is in someone else's name, then you must submit copies of the other tax bill. This means that the school may not have submitted all the back taxes to the tax office.
As a general rule, the forms are either “General” or “Special” based on the type of applicant. Each applicant's file has a different set of instructions based on the kind of information the applicant has on file. For more information about forms, see the Forms page. What is on the Form I-134? The Form I-134 is a paper application. It must be signed by each individual who applies for a new USCIS-registered foreign worker visa — you have to get permission from a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) field office. The visa is stamped “Personnel FILE” on the lower left-hand corner of the paper. (See the examples below for an explanation of what to sign.) Most documents to be submitted with the form include: Names of all applicants Names, addresses, and phone numbers of the USCIS field office(s) where the application was processed or received; and, Applicant's signature. If the Form I-134 is not signed by the applicant and is sent to the USCIS office for processing (the “processor”) by a friend or family member, the forms have to be accompanied by a copy of the person's passport and of the person's U.S./Puerto Rico birth certificate and/or U.S. or Puerto Rico identity card. The applicant is required to submit the following documents with the application form: Certificate of naturalization, or other documents that indicate permanent residence status Residence permit, resident alien card, or similar document issued by a U.S. territory U.S. birth certificate U.S. passport Visa application fee Proof of employment Proof of financial responsibility Proof of U.S. tax filing status, filing a federal tax return. What is the processing date of my F-1 visa application? The processing date for your F-1 visa application is the date that one form of the F-1, or USCIS officer's recommendation, is received and processed at the USCIS field center to initiate the entire process (including payment of the fees and documentation). Once one Form I-134 is received the date of processing also becomes a part of the USCIS database.
There are more than 20 million submissions for immigration services each year. When the application is complete, the application is referred to the Canadian Police Information Center, which screens and reports it to local police services. When the police respond to the police information request, the data are entered into the Canada Police Information Center database. How do I know how old my visa or certificate is? Your visa or certificate is in the “Visitor Record System” (VRS). It can either be scanned at the entry gate or it can be mailed to the VRS as an electronic file with an expiration date. When do I need to apply for a replacement visa or certificate? After you have entered Canada, you can choose to apply for a replacement visa or certificate. Please note that the process has been changed and instead of a replacement visa or certificate, you may now choose to apply for an emergency landing waiver. How long does it take to get the replacement visa or certificate? The processing time varies depending on the information that is on the application form. The longer the date that you need a replacement visa or certificate, the longer it should take to process the application. When we are receiving your application we will contact you as soon as possible. For emergency landing waivers, it can take up to 7 working days before we are contacted by the Canadian Border Services Agency. For more information on applications, please see the Visitor Information Manual. Is the process the same if I receive an automated notification of my approval or denial? It depends. In general, if the system is not operational, and we have the reason for the denial email is sent in a clear readable format to you, then you are deemed to have been granted approval. If you continue to have problems with the online service, we then look at the reason for the denial email you received, and that may be an additional determination made. Why did my e-Visa or e-Certificate expire the day before my scheduled arrival date with the Canada Border Services Agency? When you apply for an e-Passport, you are notified when you will need to apply and when you may apply: You will be notified when to apply by e-mail or mail. Your e-Certificate is only valid for 3 years from the date the travel document expires.
All forms are filed with the IRS by April 15th, 2018.
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