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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing i-134 form 2019-2021

Instructions and Help about i-134 form 2019-2021

Many people get confused about the form i-130 for in the forum i-864 and the reason why the people get confused about these two forums is because the two of them are called affidavit of supports so and then if you are petitioning someone in your family then you wonder which of these two you should fill out well the form i-130 4 is used for temporary or non-immigrant visa if you are visiting the United States as a tourist for business or student you may be required to fill out this form as part of your visa application the form i-864 also called affidavit of support this is the one you fill out when you use it for a permanent or immigrant visa this form is for the people who wants to live in United States as a green card holders but you may wonder what is an affidavit of support alpha develop support is a contract that you pretty much do between this between you and the government it's an immigration document and you are going to be using this because immigration wants to ensure that this immigrant is not going to be a public charge so that means that you wanna be responsible for responsible for this immigrant it is very important that you know exactly what are you gonna be signing in case someone asks you to be a co-sponsor or join a sponsor you have to know exactly what are going to be your responsibilities with this immigrant theses are very serious in important document because if the immigrant for some reason is not working it doesn't have money and then it's gonna end up asking to the government for help and I haven't seen and I haven't heard of the government trying to recover money from the sponsor but that could happen especially in these days that we have a very difficult situation with a new administration but if that's the case so you will have to be responsible for this immigrant and you may wonder for how long you want to be responsible well you're gonna be responsible for this immigrant I believe is like ten years of working time there is some credits that this immigrant has to accumulate through work I believe is around ten years or until these immigrants become a u.s. citizen okay now that you know what is this our firm eight six fifty four and what what's the meaning of this form and what what are you responsibilities if someone asks you to sponsor them that way you know exactly what you gonna be signing have a wonderful time wonderful day and see you next video bye.


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