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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing I-134 form 2022

Instructions and Help about I-134 form 2022

Hello everyone welcome back to my channel it's me again melody or charmelle so for today's video i'm gonna be sharing to you the new update or new edition of i134 form from uscis and yes they have a new form and that will be our topic for today so let's get started guys guys let's go here in google then type the new i the new i one three four four so twenty twenty so this is the i134 form we're gonna be check this click this one and it saves you a citizenship and immigration services then scroll up so if you can see there is there is have here the form you have to download that and if you want to download the instruction also you have to download it too it's more better if you were going to read the instruction before you you're going to fill out the i want tree form so guys this is the new i one tree for form and let's see let's click this and download again i already downloaded it before but i need to download it again so that i can show it to you guys and so this is the new i want reform guys um it says declaration of financial support and ios here at the right side your scis form i134 omb number one six one five zero zero one four so it's the same in the all i want tree for form 2 that is the number also and this is the expires um october 31 2022 so guys this is the new i134 form that the the uscis updated so look guys this form is more on about beneficiary information so in part one basis for filing part two information about the beneficiary part two information about the beneficiary so beneficiary anticipated length of stay information about the beneficiary information about the beneficiary for information about the individual agreeing to financially support the beneficiary name in part two information about the individual agreeing to financially support i support the beneficiary name in part two so information about the individual agreeing to financially support the beneficiary name in part two so if you can see guys it's more on beneficiary this form i want to read for unlike the old i want 34 it's more on uh more on petitioner so this is guys if you can see and this forms i134 forms is until page eight so that one oh no until page 13 what i mean until page 13. so this is so guys this is the new i134 form that you will gonna be fill out uh to those um newly or to those uh newly uh file the i1 and the i129f then if you are already i129f then if you are already uh no a2 and your your packet is in the embassy this one you will gonna be uh fill out if you're if your ...


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