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Instructions and Help about form i-134 sample

Hello I'm attorney Francesco Vicky Martinez located in Jacksonville North Carolina today's question is what is the i13 for affidavit of support the i-130 for affidavit of support is similar to the i-864 and that is a financial contract with the US government that guarantees that if an immigrant was to ever become a public charge while in the United States the sponsor in the affidavit of support would reimburse the government the I 134 is used in non-immigrant visa petitions meaning anything other than a green card process and I 134 affidavit of support may be requested by the immigration officer so it is wise to have one prepared for a visa interview the financial income of a sponsor must meet the federal poverty guidelines by 100% the sponsor should always prsupporting documentation to prove the proclaimed income amount tax returns w-2s bank statements pay stubs copies of bond certificates or any employment letter are all ideal proofs of income although the I 134 is titled an affidavit it does not need to be signed before a notary I hope this answers your question thank you for your time you.