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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing i-134 sample for fiance visa

Instructions and Help about i-134 sample for fiance visa

Hello my name is Benjamin hard I'm an American attorney in the managing director of interview legal here in Bangkok Thailand as the title of this video suggests we are discussing the i-130 for affidavit of support specifically in the context of the k1 fiancee visa what is the i-130 for affidavit of support well as a necessary component of the visa package which must be submitted to the United States embassy abroad here in Bangkok we call it packet three you've got to submit an affidavit of support in a k1 context you're dealing with the i-130 for affidavit of support let me quote directly from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services website that's USCIS gov 30.8 affidavits of support for non immigrants quoting directly every non-immigrant seeking admission or extension or change of status must satisfy the inspector or adjudicator that he or she is capable of maintaining status and will not become a public charge so that's the purpose of the i-130 for affidavit of support such affidavits although helping helpful and judging financial ability are not legally binding form i-130 for may only be used for non-immigrant cases this is one of those situations where the k1 sort of straddles the line between immigrant and non-immigrant visa cases the k1 was created to pr90 days of lawful status for a non-immigrant fiancee to come to the United States make a determination about whether or not they want to marry their American citizen husband although they need to have the genuine intention to marry at the time they leave their their home country and travel into the United States they then need to make the determination as to getting married and once married they need to go ahead and file from something called adjustment of status there are other videos on this channel which deals specifically with adjustment of status specifically affidavits of support in the context of adjustment of status suffice it to say the i-864 is associated with the adjustment of status process and there's another video on this channel that I've made contemporaneously with this one that deals directly with affidavit of support in the context of an adjustment but the thing that should be taken away from this video is strictly speaking the i-130 for itself is not legally binding that being said it does need to be signed by the petitioner in the given case and I think it's arguable if not irrefutable that purposely misleading miscommunication miss communicating or misrepresenting oneself on an immigration adjudication could lead to a finding of immigration fraud or a finding of illegal ground of inadmissibility associated with fraud and misrepresentation so simply because the document itself is not legally binding does not mean that there is not a duty to tell the truth on the island 34 so first things first let's understand that but strictly speaking the i-130 for itself is not legally binding because it's this sort of interesting narrow sort.